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  • You're just getting started with the FODMAP Diet for IBS
  •  It hasn't "clicked" for you in the past due to lack of information or support 
The bootcamp is delivered by email and culminates in a live online workshop. Here's what you'll learn:
  • How to avoid the one thing that can set you back (even before you start!) 
  • Strategies to make your low-FODMAP meals tasty and crave-worthy
  • The non-food factors that have a big effect on your belly and why the elimination phase is so great for spotting them
  • How to eat the correct portion sizes throughout the day so you feel better faster
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Meet Your Host... 
Julie O'Hara
IBS Health Coach and Founder of
"I help women manage IBS with a practical approach to the FODMAP Diet. Through group coaching programs and 1-1 work, I teach how to keep your belly calm with delicious food, not deprivation."
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